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mooseings asked: Hey! I just saw your post about Sideshow Bob from the recent episode and honestly I couldn't agree more. Ever since Cape Feare aired I've absolutely loved that character but now that he's been all GMed, it doesn't even feel like the same character. The character who's greatest strength was his intellect, is now some sort of monster who relies on brute strength? It had good moments though - I really liked how they expanded upon his relationship with Lisa, because they are so similar. But idk :(



Thanks for sending your concerns. Now I understand that this out of character trait that was added to the character might come off as out of nowhere at the moment. Though due to Kelsy Grammer being okay with this, I’ll give the fault a pass. It could lead to some possible story situations that could involve with his animal side as a fault and he realizes how dumb it was(same with the scene where his cut-off face falls off).

I’ll be looking forward to the next Terwilliger episode to see how they address this plot-hole. Hopefully they’ll write a episode around the faults of it since the genetic mutations made him a little too over-powered for my taste. Seeing him breathe underwater was too much a “Gary-Stu” thing to me. Which is rather strange since the scene in Cape Feare where he’s being injured under the car as the Simpsons drive through a cactus field is plausible but this doesn’t.

As for the whole Lisa and Robert scenes, they’ve had quite a interesting history with episodes in the past. In the first(technically second appearance of Terwilliger), she solved Krusty’s crime and got Robert in prison so Terwilliger’s aggressions toward Bart are actually wrong in his case for a misunderstanding. Then we could see it blossom when she saved him from Cecil in “Brother from Another series”. So technically, the chemistry between the two was perfect in this episode.

I know I’m rambling on but I’d like to suggest a little material for you that you might find interesting:

A good episode in the comics is “Angels with Yellow Faces”. Could be a interesting episode to write in the actual show due to Bart actually having a internal dilemma with himself in a moral grey area and possibly having a friendship with Bob while also going against him.

To conclude, the episode is a 3 out of 5. Mainly the ending held it back from being more subtle than it lead off. The rest is fine to me(though I was really worried with the topic of genetic modifications on food to my chagrin which you can see Moviebob talk about here).

Yes I definitely agree with you there. I’m really hoping they don’t keep Bob as a “supervillain”. I mean aside from the logistics of having various species DNA inside one person (it’s a cartoon so I’ll let it slide), it really does seem like a gaping plot hole that needs to be filled and hopefully lamented upon as a past mistake. Oh and yes I’ve read that comic! I found it really intriguing to see Robert find a potential protegee in Bart and for them both to lower their guards and actually get along! Obviously it had to fall apart by the end but I thought it was definitely something worth converting to an episode. I do really like the moral grey areas that Bob’s character arc goes through and I think that needs to be worked with more. 

Hmm.. I’m pretty sure Bart was the one who accused Bob on live television about him framing Krusty, Lisa just mentions the prompt that “he has big feet to fill”, but it’s Bart that makes the connection. But otherwise, Lisa has always helped Bart defeat Bob in various situations - sometimes being the main instigator - eg. the message on the blimp in Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming that led the police to finding them, when she trapped Bob into confessing for rigging the election ect. So I think it’s interesting (and kind of sad) how she’s often pushed to the side in favour of Bart (“and his sister, Lisa, to whom I’m fairly indifferent”). Actually there’s a great comic, which you might of read, that involves Cecil and Lisa both feeling overshadowed by their older siblings and Cecil sets out to ruin Lisa’s life and try and 1-up Bob, but they both empathise with each other by the end. I can’t remember the name but it’s fantastic.

It was really great to see Lisa and Bob interact and flesh out their relationship, though. I also like how it points out their similarities and how Lisa sympathises with him because she understands his personality and his interests (aside from trying to kill people of course…)

Overall, I agree it was a good episode, as new Simpsons episodes go, anyway. I was just glad to finally have a new Sideshow Bob episode tbh haha so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much! I’m so glad that he didn’t get killed off as well.

You’re right. Maybe it’s due to me sympathizing with Terwilliger that I forget that Bart and Lisa equally led Bob into prison in different ways. Especially in the scene where Bart shouts on television about the pacemaker Krusty had proving that Bob was the criminal.

I actually own that comic! It’s in a trade paperback, but I love it along with “Angels with Yellow Faces”. The nice little backflash to when Robert and Cecil where children really inspired me with a Cole Porter song comic to the two that I drew. Anyways, enough about me, I definitely agree with your studious observations.

If it weren’t for my father shouting to me that there was a new episode on, I’d probably haven’t seen it yet. So thankfully I got to see the episode full(though the couch gag caught me off guard due to how short but I suppose the time cut from it was to lengthen the actual plot which I’m thankful for). I’m actually curious which actual Simpsons character is going to be killed off. The guys on the Spill podcast mentioned(before shut down the site) they theorize it to be Abe. Which makes sense in my opinion.

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My facebook did a thing.

My facebook did a thing.

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Wacko’s toyshop and art gallery.

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Can someone explain  the joke to me?

Can someone explain  the joke to me?

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What is going on here??

Dancing to Ke$ha.


What is going on here??

Dancing to Ke$ha.

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My father and I were thinking of a snail equivalent to bronies. Then he had the word:


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this somehow is turning into an ongoing project :3

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